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Past Projects > FEA of Sandwich Panels

Finite Element Analysis of an Aircraft Fuselage Honeycomb Skin

Project Description:

Generate a finite element model of an experimental aircraft fuselage skin fabricated with honeycomb sandwich panels.

Technical Approach:

Sandwich panels were fabricated and subjected to three-point bending. A finite element model of the bending test was simulated using quadrilateral elements that allowed property inputs for the top and bottom face-skins and the honeycomb core. Since the sandwich panel consisted of two face-skins and a honeycomb core, the sandwich panel model was simplified by modeling it as a layered composite plate. The properties of the three layers were defined over the element such that is would behave like a sandwich assembly.

Experimental Test Panel

Finite Element Model

Load (P = 140 lb) versus centerline deflection (Deflection Exp. = 0.19 in) was plotted.

Load (P = 140 lb), versus centerline deflection (deflection FEM = 0.17 in) was compared with experimental result.

Aircraft Model

Having verified the simplified sandwich panel modeling technique, the entire fuselage skin was simulated in the same manner.