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LRTM (Lite Resin Transfer Moulding) process for composites is best described as a complimentary process to RTM. LRTM mould costs are basically half the price of equivalent RTM moulds but they produce, at best, at half the rate of RTM however the process provides moulders an attractive introductory route into closed mould production.

In LRTM, resin flow rates cannot be speeded up above an optimum level in order to fill the mould more quickly as the recommended LRTM mould construction and the atmospheric mould clamping pressures limit overall in-mould pressures to less than 0.5 bar (8 psi).

As with any composite closed mould production technique LRTM is no exception to the rule in demanding high quality accurate composite moulds in order to provide good mould life and consistent production of good parts.

LRTM is now well established as an alternative frp/grp moulding technique and we encourage any traditional hand lay moulder starting up in LRTM to ensure their mould build technology, equipment and parts for LRTM are acquired from professional sources. Plastech is recognised as world specialists in this field.

Structural Composite Designs can assisit you with incorporating the Plastech range of resin injection equipment and tooling ancillaries specifically designed for this popular process.