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What is CARTM?

CARTM is a new multiple-silicon bag infusion technique that also uses vacuum pressure to drive resin into a dry fibre-reinforcement material. to the VIP process. The process is aided by reusable perimeter seal, silicon bag and channel flow media. The only waste created after an infusion is the feed and resin bleed tubes. This process is more refined compared to VIP and provides additional advantages to the end-user.

Additional Benefits of CARTM over VIP

  • Virtually no infusion waste media (peel ply or distribution media)
  • Fewer resin feed lines
  • Faster infusion rates

The Process

The CARTM process uses an inner and outer silicone bag. inner bags require an "easy release" coating to aid in demolding and to extend bag life. Each bag has a reusable perimeter seals such as a "zipper" seal to allow fast sealing of the bag to the mold. The "spacer system" is the key to the CARTM process. It allows temporary channels to form on the surface of the preform during infusion. Typically, the spacer system consists of thin clear plastic sheet having a network of channels. We have optimized spacer systems for most applications. Visit, www.cartm.com for detialed information on the CARTM process.