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Composite Fabrication

Fibre-Composite Fabrication

Structural Composite Designs provides training and technical assistance for traditional VIP (Vacuum Infusion Process) to manufacture fibre-reinforced composites. For a small investment, VIP produces high quality laminates and has become a widely used process for composites fabrication.

Structural Composite Designs is also a representative of a Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) process called CARTM™ (Channel Assisted Resin Transfer Molding). CARTM is patented and owned by Why Not Composites of Fairfield, Ohio. This process, like VIP, is used for manufacturing fibre-reinforced composites using vacuum, however, incorporates two (2) vacuum bags and perimeter seals which are reusable. CARTM has added advantages compared to traditional VIP.

Which Process Is Right For You?

To determine which process is the most suitable for your application, we perform a cost analysis study and extrapolate which is more cost effective (time efficient, suitable for shop environment, etc.) for your application by evaluating the following variables:
• Part size
• Part quantity
• Labor skills
• Number of production employees

Finished Part Quality

Both VIP and CARTM methods provide high quality composite laminates compared to the hand-lay-up method. See chart for a comparison of various strength characteristics.